Lotus has denied a report that it was threatening to boycott the United States Grand Prix along with Force India and Sauber.

A report on Friday evening claimed that the three teams were considering pulling out of the race in Austin in protest at the current state of the sport after both Marussia and Caterham - absent this weekend - entered administration. An hour long press conference featuring team bosses from Mercedes, McLaren, Lotus, Sauber and Force India on Friday also highlighted growing frustration over the distribution of funds in the sport.

However, Lotus first confirmed via its Twitter account that talk of pulling out of Sunday's race was false:

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And team principal Gerard Lopez, who had sat alongside his opposite numbers from Sauber and Force India in Friday's press conference, confirmed to the Reuters and Press Association agencies that boycotting the race is not an option.

"I've just found out about the story now, so my answer is no. I've no idea. I have to say a bit surprised," Lopez said. "I've had a meeting with [the other teams] about the cash distribution and so on, and that's it. I'm not aware of this. I don't even know where this comes from."


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This is the first year of the FIA massive and very very very expensive rule change, just how much money has been spent on the engines alone, £billions, this was all done during the world financial collapse, they just seem to be so detached from the real world, just it seems to jump on the green bandwagon, but the fuel they all use in flights and lorries alone is moor than the cars use all season, we need small teams, but we want them challenging for top six finish, Max Mosely said years ago that the big names will never on their own agree to cuts, I'm a Hamilton fan, but I want to see Him pushed by other drivers, we have had a lot of great races since the tyres were made to wear out, not perfect all the time, but it should have been left at that, if it's not broke don't fix it springs to mind.

The whole circus is just falling apart.