Bernie Ecclestone says three-car teams will not happen in F1 next season due to the financial problems in the sport.

After Marussia and Caterham entered administration, a number of teams have been outspoken about the distribution of funds and cost of competing, leading Ecclestone to admit he is "probably" at fault for the situation. With the grid shrinking - at least temporarily - three-car teams were confirmed as a real prospect earlier this season but Ecclestone says it is not a viable move.

"Forget third cars," he said. "Nobody can afford two cars."

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Amid the concern, Ecclestone said the big teams need to use their influence in a positive way, adding that he too was willing to step in to help stabilise the sport.

"We have to open the eyes of those people in a position to turn the lights on and off to what they need to do because I wouldn't want to be in a position where I was too strong and Formula One disappears and someone says it is because of you it disappeared.

"I said to people getting a chunk of money that I would like to take a percentage of their performance related payment, put that money together to divide among three or four we know are in trouble but are not going to run away with the money and then I will put in the same amount of money."

And Ecclestone warned that some teams may need to make "sacrifices" for the good of the sport's future.

"I've never felt helpless about anything. I'm not happy, and we'll have to do something about it. Because we can't all sit back nicely relaxed and think the problem will go away. It's not like having the flu and take a few tablets and it will disappear...

"I think the situation is such that if enough people want it resolved, we can resolve it. It's a case of the people that are involved in the sport will have to want to look after the sport and prepared to make some sacrifices."