Felipe Massa says Williams got its strategy calls wrong and cost him third place in the United States Grand Prix.

Running in third from the start of the race with team-mate Valtteri Bottas fourth, Massa was passed in the pits by Daniel Ricciardo at his second stop, with Bottas having lost out at the end of the first stint. Massa said he was as quick as Ricciardo and should have been able to keep him at bay but believes Williams got the strategy wrong by allowing Red Bull to twice use the undercut by pitting first.

"I think his pace was very good but he was not better than us," Massa said. "It was a very similar pace during the whole race between us, I was even better in the first and second stints but then they anticipate, we don't, I lost more than a second in the pit stop for a problem with the front wheel and it was enough to lose the position.

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"So I'm not happy because of that, but I think the car was good, the pace was good. To be honest, the race was very good for me but we just lost maybe one opportunity to stay in front and the podium was in our hands."

And Massa says it's frustrating that Williams can look back on so many occasions when it didn't maximise its potential this season.

"We had so many lost opportunities this year. I don't know if it's number three, four or five; what does it change? It's another lost opportunity. So it's another one where we are fighting with another top team and if you don't do everything perfectly we lose a position. That is another one that happened today."

However, Massa was keen to stress it is all part of the learning process that Williams must improve to become a top team.

"There is still some organisation that we need to improve. We need to analyse things better, we need to be more complete and this is an area that we're still improving. I'm not saying that we're doing a horrible job, we're doing a good job, but today we're talking about one or two seconds and when it happens and you're fighting with a team that won the last four championships it's enough to lose a position.

"I'm not saying we did a bad job, we did a good job, but not a perfect job and when you're fighting with a top team you need to do a perfect job in any situation. It's not what happened today, so we lost the podium because of that."