Toto Wolff believes the fact that double points are on offer in Abu Dhabi could "overshadow" the whole 2014 season.

Lewis Hamilton's fifth successive victory in Sunday's United States Grand Prix was his tenth of the season, but Nico Rosberg's second place ensured the title will be decided in Abu Dhabi. The biggest lead Hamilton can enjoy after Brazil is 49, meaning Rosberg could win the title with as few as four wins to his team-mate's 11 and Wolff admits it could lead to a difficult situation.

"I don't have a fear, but I think the last race with the double points has the potential to overshadow the season," Wolff said. "We know why the double points came, and it made sense in the world to make it spectacular for the audience, the fans and the viewers.

"But now we are in a situation where it could change the outcome."

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However, Wolff says he is more relaxed about the final two races of the year now Daniel Ricciardo is mathematically out of the title picture.

"It's satisfying to know only a Mercedes driver can win the championship from now on. That's a good feeling."

While Hamilton has five consecutive wins, his victory in Austin was part of the tenth one-two of the season for Mercedes and Wolff said equalling McLaren's record from 1988 was a special moment.

"There is one thing that makes me proud, for the achievements of the team. As a kid I remember this dominant season of McLaren. I remember seeing those cars scoring one-twos all the time up to a point that it was almost boring. It was just pure dominance.

"For us to equal that record, and to be able to do one or two more, is proof the team has done many things right and we have taken many good decisions. Normally I don't care about statistics, but that one is something which reminds me of many years ago."


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MikeLite: If Rosberg wins the title with 4 wins against Hamiltons 11 wins it will be a very sad day for F1[\blockquote]

Very sad days for F1 seem the norm at present.