Daniel Ricciardo says he is not fazed by any forecast wet weather for this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix.

There is currently a threat of thunderstorms on all three days at Interlagos, with rain expected to impact on much of the weekend's running. However, Ricciardo - who admits he isn't a big fan of the Interlagos circuit - says any rain shouldn't be too challenging because the track behaves in a similar manner whether it is wet or dry.

"I know fans love Interlagos because it provides such interesting races, but it's never been a favourite track of mine," Ricciardo said. "It's a short lap and ideally I like something with a few more corners. But it's got a brilliant atmosphere and if you don't enjoy that, you're doing something wrong.

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"I can't honestly say what the secret is to getting a good lap at Interlagos because I'm not sure I've ever really nailed it! I've been OK but it hasn't yet given up its secrets. I think the best approach is to not look beyond the next corner. It pays to be ultra-precise with your track positioning and your braking: you have to concentrate on the turn that you're in, rather than thinking too far ahead because for most of the lap the corners are individual events rather than part of a sequence.

"Obviously the time of year we go to Brazil and the location means that there's a really good chance of a wet race. At some venues that's a real game-changer but at Interlagos the character of the track doesn't change in the wet - it poses all the same challenges but with a few added variables thrown in."