Nico Rosberg says he remains "very optimistic" he can win the 2014 F1 Drivers' title, even though he now needs to rely on a little bit of luck to beat team-mate and championship leader, Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg slipped 24 points adrift in Austin last weekend, after Hamilton won and took his fifth victory in succession.

It now means even if Rosberg was to win in Brazil this Sunday and in Abu Dhabi later this month, it wouldn't be enough if Hamilton was second in both events.

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"It is clear I need to rely on something happening," Rosberg said. "It is not enough for me to win [here and in Abu Dhabi], unfortunately, that is the way it is. But anyway in sport so much can happen and so I am still very optimistic."

Asked about his form in recent events, Rosberg added: "[It has been] a less rich run of form [than from Monaco to Hockenheim].

"Lewis has done a little bit of a better job since then. That is it - pretty simple. But as I say still two races [to go]."

"And it is great news that this year I have a chance to win the championship the way it is now [with double points in Abu Dhabi]. That is a good thing and I am also happy because it is good for the fans that it is going to be exciting until the very end. It keeps me very, very optimistic," the Mercedes driver continued.

So has anything altered since the events at Spa, when Rosberg crashed into Hamilton on the second lap?

"I don't think anything has changed. It was an intense battle before and it still is an intense battle now. I don't know his exact opinion on things, but for me nothing has changed since then," Rosberg insisted.

Meanwhile, the German reiterated that he won't be bothered if he only takes the title because of the double points in Abu Dhabi.

"I wouldn't respond [if someone said I didn't deserve it]. Everybody can have their opinion and in sport it is the points that count in the end and then of course you can debate who deserved it more or less. That is always going to be the case," he noted.


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Just for the sake of not seeing him win it because of the double point, i almost hope for a DNF for Lewis in Brazil...
Get in the final round just about equal on point and may the best man win.
Sure if Nico win in such a scenario it will be put, rightfully i believe, on the account of reliability. Still i guess it would be less of a farce than to win it because of double point.
Loosing a championship because of reliability is a historical fixture in F1, loosing it because the last race is a gadgetty double point thing is not.