Fernando Alonso says he feels "extremely lucky and privileged" to be able to choose any direction for his future that he wants.

While yet to be confirmed by Ferrari, Alonso will leave the team next season and be replaced by four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. With Alonso's future still unclear, he hinted that he has yet to make a decision on his next move but said he has the freedom to go to "more or less" any team he wants.

"Formula One is a complex sport and you never know how the teams will perform the year after," Alonso said. "I think you need to see what are the best possibilities out there and I am extremely lucky and privileged to choose more or less where I want to go.

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"I have the doors open in many places and we've seen the difficulty of some small teams, some drivers who are fighting for the seat even in this day. I feel very lucky not to have those problems and to more or less choose where I want to go. If I choose a direction some months ago it's because I feel it will be better, but it will never be 100%."

And Alonso said Mercedes is not necessarily the best team to drive for next season despite its dominance, with the team guaranteed to win both titles in 2014.

"From the outside it's true that the situation is not so clear and probably Mercedes is the team that is dominating now and everyone thinks it will dominate next year. Probably we thought so also with Red Bull last year when they won the championship and the last nine races and this year they did five laps in winter testing.

"You never know year to year how things change and you need to study the projects, you need to see what are the prospects and you need to follow one direction. It's not the priority at the moment because we are racing here in a weekend with 75 people working on two cars to deliver a good result on Sunday and this is what it's all about. At the moment my priority in the past, the present and the future is Ferrari as well and it's not the moment to talk."


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As a certain Mr. Stoner would say, his ego out-weighs his talent.