Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel says he is hopeful he might be able to win the Brazilian Grand Prix, but only if it rains.

Vettel has taken four podiums this season, the most recent in Singapore and Japan, when he was second and third respectively, however, unlike team-mate, Daniel Ricciardo he hasn't managed to 'steal' a victory from the dominant Mercedes'.

With unsettled weather expected over the weekend though, he might get his chance at Interlagos: "I hope so," he replied when asked if he might be able to win. "I think there is always a chance to win and it seems that in Brazil more things can happen.

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"The weather forecast looks quite interesting and as soon as it rains there is always a chance to move things around.

"Obviously, if everything goes normal and it is a dry race you have to expect the Mercedes to win because they have quite a big advantage."

Meanwhile, he also added that he thinks he could have won this season, had things gone a little differently.

"I think there are other people that haven't won for a longer time than me. I think it is part of F1 as well sometimes [not being able to win]," he reasoned. "In the end there is only one guy that can win each race. I think I have had races, if things would have gone a little bit different this year, I could have won.

"But equally it has been like this in the past and it will probably be like that in the future. It is normal."

So where might he have won?

"Performance-wise I think we got very close to win in Canada, if I pit a lap later, it is a different story," he added.

"I think in terms of pace we looked very strong in Singapore as well and in Hungary, but obviously where I was when the Safety Car came out in Hungary, it didn't really favour me.

"So, yeah, we had some races where we were closer - although the majority of races, it is not a secret, the win was out of reach simply because the Mercedes was so far away. There were other races where I struggled more than Daniel, if you take Belgium, for instance. Pretty much up and down, but it has been like that the whole season."