Esteban Gutierrez admits his hopes of staying in F1 are "quite slim" after seeing Sauber sign two new drivers for next season.

Having made his debut for the team at the start of 2013, Gutierrez has been left without a drive as Sauber has confirmed Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr for next season. Saying his priority at this stage is to remain in F1, Gutierrez conceded he does not have many options for 2015 with a number of seats already confirmed.

"At the moment it's quite slim," Gutierrez said. "There is only probably one seat available and we have been working on that and also on other things which probably require a bit more patience and some risk. We will share those as soon as we have something concrete."

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And Gutierrez said Sauber's decision to let him go had not come as a surprise, saying he could tell something wasn't right at the team for which he joined as been test driver in 2010.

"I knew quite a while ago. Honestly, when you work with people for so many years, you know them. You know the body language, you know different things. We were anyway in negotiations, they were interested but it was just not reasonable for us to continue."

Gutierrez also hinted that Sauber was asking for too much from his backers in order for him to retain his seat.

"The sponsors are backing me and I really feel grateful to them because we've been working together through this process. The sponsors are very motivated, some of them have been willing to do different things. They are all together the same as it is or even better but just the deal here didn't work out. Something which is not reasonable you obviously don't go forward with. It's as simple as that."