Kimi Raikkonen is convinced Ferrari can get back to where it should be in 2015, despite the Scuderia's troubles this season.

Raikkonen goes into the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend still looking to finish higher than fourth during the current campaign and freely admitted that it has been "hard" in 2014, although he added that any season you don't win the title is pretty much a failure.

"I think every season when you don't win the championship - and I have won one, you can more or less forget the rest," he confirmed ahead of the penultimate round in the 2014 F1 World Championship. "You are here to try and win races and championships and when you don't manage to you have failed every time - finishing second or 20th, it really doesn't make much difference.

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"Obviously it has been a hard year, but we have learned things that will help us in the future. It is not so much fun when you have a difficult time race after race. When you have better results it is more fun for everybody, but that is how it goes. I am sure we can get back where we should be.

"Then things will be forgotten."

Asked about the development of next year's car and how it is going, Raikkonen replied: "You hear a lot of numbers, but the fact is, it is the same story every year with every team and it is only once you get the car on the circuit that you really know how good it is and how it feels.

"They started early in the year on the design of the new car and all the things we have been doing this year, they have listened to us and made some changes to certain things to try and improve the areas where we feel this year's car has been lacking performance. We will know exactly how good it is at the first test.

"I believe in the people that we will get a much better car and a much better package [in 2015], but how good? In February next year, we will know..."