Sergio Perez says a few contact changes he has requested are the reason he has still to sign a new deal with Force India for F1 2015.

Ahead of the United States Grand Prix last weekend, Perez reckoned he was 'very close' to agreeing terms. However, as yet nothing has been announced and he has still to join current team-mate Nico Hulkenberg in reaching an agreement with Force India boss Vijay Mallya for next season.

"Yeah, I think things are moving on. I really hope by next week we can finalise everything," Perez said when asked about the situation in the countdown to this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix, the penultimate round in the 2014 F1 World Championship.

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"Nothing is confirmed yet, but it is getting close. Hopefully we can be in a position to announce my plans with the team or someone else."

"Obviously it is ramping up," he added. "It is getting close to the end of the year and I want to finalise this. I want to know if I am staying or not by the next race. It is getting pretty close to that."

Asked if he is surprised it has taken so long, he replied: "I am really surprised it has taken this long. But it is just the process has gone slowly and I really hope we can sort things out by the next race."

So what is the hold up?

"Some changes I want in my contract. It has taken a bit of time to get them in place," he explained. "I cannot give you too many details. All I am asking for is a couple of changes and I hope I can get them."

"The changes that I am talking about are quite unique and quite logical. It is not changing too much. It is just some common sense agreement and that is it. That is why I am saying it. I want to be in a good position as well. I am looking forward for my future.

"I am, however, fully committed to the team. I am very, very committed to this team. I know the prospects and think we can do a strong year and improve on what we have done in the second year. I want to establish myself a little bit in the team.

"That is my target."