Felipe Nasr says he was talking to "many other teams" about a seat in F1 for 2015 before signing with Sauber.

After Marcus Ericsson was announced in Austin, Sauber revealed Nasr will join him in an all-new driver line-up for next season, replacing Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez. With Nasr having been reserve driver at Williams this season, he said he was in talks about every available seat before the Sauber deal came together in the past week.

"I talked to many other teams, not only Sauber but all the other teams that had a seat available," Nasr said. "We came together with Sauber and I think it was the right time to do it.

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"There was a lot of waiting at other teams and there's so much to go around. It's not only about having a good car, it's the whole package and Sauber seemed to offer the best one."

With Sauber yet to score a point so far this season, Nasr said he's expecting the team to be more competitive next year.

"I have to say they have had a difficult year, but I believe there will be some improvement from the team next year. I think Formula One is not only worried with Sauber but all the teams that have been struggling financially. I just feel I'm in the right place to start my career in Formula One and I can't wait for everything to start."

And Nasr was keen to thank Williams for the opportunities it has given him to run in a number of FP1 sessions throughout 2014.

"It made myself a more prepared driver in all kinds of ways. For me to be running as a reserve driver this year and having opportunities to drive the car, it all built up for me to be ready to take this challenge. I have to thank Williams for this opportunity and all the experience they have provided me."


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Is this guy having a laugh?
Most of the good seats were taken ages ago.
The 'many other teams' he no doubt refers to have gone bust.
The next most precarious and in need of cash is Sauber.
So that's where he is.