Daniel Ricciardo endured a frustrating qualifying session for the Brazilian Grand Prix as a result of a set-up change that had an unexpected impact.

Having been the quicker Red Bull driver throughout the weekend, Ricciardo ended up ninth in Q3 while team-mate Sebastian Vettel will start from sixth place. Ricciardo said while Vettel made a good set-up call ahead of qualifying, he himself went in the wrong direction and ended up much further off the pace than he should have been.

"Seb was definitely on the back foot all weekend and found something in qualifying," Ricciardo said. "I know he played around with downforce a bit this morning, so I think that was the wrong thing for them but they came back and found some pace.

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"For us, we made a few adjustments before qualifying; small ones basically, just some fine tuning because we were pretty happy with where we were, but it seems that it just made a massive balance change. Definitely something we didn't expect, so we lost out. Whether it's for that reason or just for track evolution and obviously the change we made then had an even bigger negative effect on that, we're still not quite sure.

"So it was a pretty frustrating session because we couldn't quite get on top of it and couldn't quite understand why. Even Q1 we had to use two sets of option [tyres] so we already knew we were a bit on the back foot but the progress we made through the session wasn't massive. It's only a tenth I think to P5 - or a bit more than a tenth - but realistically we felt we should have been a lot closer to Williams and fighting them."

Despite the disappointing qualifying, Ricciardo is optimistic that he can make up places in the race provided the set-up issues don't impact on his long run pace.

"I think we'll definitely have a chance to move forward from ninth. To be honest, our low fuel pace was pretty good but our long run pace was even better. Obviously we hope that now we're slow on the short runs it doesn't have that effect as well on the long runs, so we hope to be quick.

"I think if the track's hot and hard on the rears as it was yesterday then we'll be better off but obviously starting ninth we've got a bit of work to do. So, confident to move forward but I obviously would have loved to have started further up the grid."

And Ricciardo added that a wet race would be a big boost to Red Bull.

"I'd love if it rains. We'll hope that it does in a way but if it doesn't I think we can still be optimistic of a much better day. But if it rains we'll be getting amongst it."