Christian Horner says Red Bull has "no intention" of running a third car in 2015.

Following a two and a half hour meeting between Bernie Ecclestone and team bosses in Interlagos on Saturday - which Toto Wolff said left the situation unchanged - The Times reported on Sunday that Red Bull and Ferrari have been given the go ahead to run three cars next season. However, Horner told ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix that, while contractually it could happen, the team has not been told to prepare a third car.

"If the numbers drop below a certain number then we're obliged to run a third car, but our hope is that there will be enough two car teams that we won't have to do that," Horner said.

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"It would be the CCB teams within the agreement which would be McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull. If they pass that up then it goes to the next team in the constructors' championship. But we haven't been asked and at the moment we have no intention of running a third car."

Asked if the team could feasibly prepare and run a third car in time for next season if requested at this stage, Horner admitted: "If we were requested to and there was no other option then contractually we are obliged to."

Asked by on the grid in Interlagos if Red Bull and Ferrari had been told to prepare a third car, Ecclestone himself said: "Forget the three cars".