Felipe Massa delighted the home crowd by taking third in the Brazilian Grand Prix, but he didn't make it easy for himself.

Massa had to overcome an early stop-go penalty for speeding in the pit lane and a mistake in his final stop, when he went into the wrong box, but still had the pace with his Williams to take a spot on the rostrum and finish best of the rest behind the dominant Mercedes' of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

"I am so happy for my race, so many mistakes also though," he said up on the podium. "I had the drive through, the five seconds for the penalty for the sped limiter. Also I stop in the McLaren [pit box] because it was a similar and it just was prepared before my garage. But the car was fantastic.

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"I am so grateful for the pace."

Speaking in the post-race press conference, he emphasised just how much the result meant and how much he appreciated the home support, although he was not happy with his errors.

"I think the race was amazing - everything that happened in my race today. So, I think the most important thing was that the pace was there, the car was quick. I have been so happy with the car during the whole all weekend," he continued. "The car was so competitive - unfortunately not enough to beat these guys here [the Mercedes'], which is winning all the races."

"I am not happy with my mistakes today, however," he added. "I just got a problem when I braked for the [first] pitstop, I pressed the pit-limiter but for whatever reason the pit-limiter was not inside, and then just past the speed I brake, I press again and it was a problem I had today.

"Then I managed to catch the guys [ahead]. The car was fantastic. I managed to overtake many cars, catch [Jenson] Button as well, when he was in front. Then I stop. I was opening the gap compared to Jenson to about five or six seconds, maybe even more. Then I stop in the wrong garage. I stop in the McLaren [garage] because they change our garage this race and we are a lot more in the middle and McLaren with the similar colour - not white but you know - I thought it was our garage. They were ready. Then I just stopped there and lost a lot of time because of that.

"But anyway, it was not enough to [change the result]. Then I was pushing again, doing quick laps all the time and managing the tyres and just opening again [the gap] compared to Jenson. It was really a fantastic race, and these people [the fans]... they are still here, singing and screaming. It is amazing. The whole energy that I had this weekend, it is difficult to explain. Difficult to explain the emotion - so thank you very much for all of our Torcida [fan club] that was pushing the whole weekend, every day.

"It was amazing."