Jenson Button said he was "really happy" with fourth place in the Brazilian Grand Prix, saying he "loved" the race amid uncertainty over his future.

Having started from fifth on the grid, Button matched the pace of Valtteri Bottas in the early part of the race and moved up to fourth as a result of a slow pit stop for the Williams. Having overtaken Kimi Raikkonen around the outside of Turn 5 on his way to finishing 7.6s behind third-placed Felipe Massa, Button said he had really enjoyed what could turn out to be the penultimate race of his F1 career.

"I'm really happy with P4," Button said. "You always want more, to challenge for that podium and we felt like we were sort of playing with the Williams at one point but it wasn't the case. I enjoyed the race, a great battle with Kimi and to beat both Red Bulls, both Ferraris and a Williams, it's not a bad day's work.

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"That's all I can do right now, go out and enjoy my racing. I loved it today. You have good days and you have bad days when you are in the situation I am in terms of mentally, but I don't think any of the days on circuit have been negative, they've always been positive and going strong, so I'm happy."

Asked for a word that would some up the race from his point of view, Button replied: "Chaotic!

"It was all pretty smooth up until I think the last pit stop and there was just a bit of miscommunication of coming in to the pits and the call wasn't entirely made to come in. It was talked about what would happen if we did stop, so it was just a bit of miscommunication and I think we were talking over each other at the time.

"So I did one extra lap which could have cost us place but I think we would have got it back anyway. A fun race, straight line speed was a bit of an issue with the Ferrari but I had a good battle with Kimi. I enjoyed that very much but I had to balance the brakes as well which were getting eaten up pretty quickly. P4, a shame we couldn't quite hang on to Massa but good fun all the same."

And Button said it was a race which shows what he is capable of producing, but says he doesn't feel it makes a point to McLaren as it remains undecided over its future driver line-up.

"All I can shed light on is that I feel I'm doing a pretty good job at the moment. I've got nothing to prove, this is what I do. This is what I've done for 15 years, I'll always give my best and sometimes it obviously it isn't enough but today it definitely was."


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It doesn't come down to money - McLaren / Honda have the resources.
Rather, Alonso doesn't want Button there.
Imagine if Button beat him - pricked ego & toys would really be chucked out of the pram then.
Alonso wants the clear #1 status in the team and a weaker team-mate who will defer to him on every occasion. So Magnussen will get the nod & Jensen will get the flick. Sad but true.