Fernando Alonso says he took "satisfaction" from beating team-mate Kimi Raikkonen in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

With Raikkonen the only driver two-stopping in the race, Alonso came up behind his team-mate in the closing laps, taking four laps to finally get past using DRS in to Turn 1 after a close battle. Alonso said he couldn't have finished any higher if Raikkonen had let him through and said he had enjoyed beating him on track.

"I'm very, very happy," Alonso said. "Zero frustration, finishing in front of him is always a satisfaction and this weekend I managed to finish in front in qualifying and in the race after a weekend that I was struggling a little bit with some mechanical issues. Definitely a good experience, I had one stop more so I had to recover this 21 seconds but I had fresh tyres so I had the advantage in the last battle.

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"But the most important was not the battle with him. The most important was the battle with some other teams. We did some good points for Ferrari today and that's the best news. Obviously we had the help from Bottas and from Ricciardo that they had some issues so that we could recover these places in the race."

And Alonso said he was more confident of Ferrari being able to hold off McLaren for fourth in the constructors' championship having matched its tally of points in Brazil.

"We are now in a better position, definitely. We didn't lose points here for the constructors' so I think we can go a little bit more relaxed [to Abu Dhabi].

"We are doing our best from the first race, scoring as many points as possible and we are doing a good job so far in terms of keeping them behind. But we are fighting for fourth and fifth in the constructors' championship which is not a great deal. So let's see, I think we have a good margin now in points and we will try to do our best."


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When Alonso moved to Ferrar,i he was known for some reason as a vaunted test driver, worth as much as "a whole second" in car development. However, what we've seen pretty much since his Renault return (iirc, 2006 was less dominant than 05 even) is him take the car given to him and wring its neck, allegedly responsible for the (relatively) good results, but not the routinely bad ones. I respect his ability to make the most of a dog car, but it seems like he gets in, drives, hits a wall. While he is bagging the better results this season, the fact that he plateaued early and that Kimi is making tangible (if slow) progress with an unfriendly car, coupled with Kimi's history of positive package development, shows me a difference in their working methods. Alonso is most surely a driver you want if the package is fast, but if it requires much work and long-term results matter, go with Kimi -- who better not make me look stupid next year.