Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg says he was always confident he could keep Lewis Hamiton at bay and win the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Rosberg was handed a seven second cushion after team-mate Hamilton spun before his second stop, but that gap came right down and with 20 laps or so to go was less than a second.

So was there an element of being a bit too conservative in allowing Hamilton to close right back up?

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"No," Rosberg replied, "because the important thing was just to keep the gap so he didn't have the chance to overtake and I managed to do that. From that point of view it all worked out fine."

But wouldn't it have been better in an ideal world to maintain a bit more of a cushion?

"In ideal world he would be 20 seconds behind! But that is not going to happen very often because he is a great driver," Rosberg countered.

"The level is extremely high and we are always, I think every race this year, bar a couple, we have always been together and it is probably going to always be like that."

"I was confident [I could keep him behind], yes, definitely, because already in the first stint I could see that I could control the gap and could just make sure that Lewis didn't come into the region where he could launch an attack," he added.

"Also, when Lewis had the spin and was further behind, I saved more tyres than I normally would have done and so then I could just make sure that at the end of the stint I had enough, because it was so critical on tyres and that worked out really well too."

Quizzed further on the tyre situation, Rosberg noted that managing the tyres was especially tough at the start of the race.

"It was extremely difficult, but then through the race it got easier and easier, which was unexpected. It started very difficult though and at the beginning of the race the degradation on the rear was massive and I didn't expect it to be like that either," he explained.

"It required a lot of adjusting from in the car with the settings, massive changes to help the rear tyres because from the steering wheel I can completely transform the car if I want to. I was trying to do that to help the rear tyres and it worked."


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