Niki Lauda has thanked Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton after they gave Mercedes another one-two finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

It was the 11th one-two for Mercedes this year, setting a new record. Rosberg's victory was also the 15th of the season for the team equalling the highest number of victories scored in a single season that was set by McLaren in 1988.

"It was a tough race and Lewis made a small mistake - it really cost him the victory," Mercedes non-executive chairman Lauda said. "But I have to say both of them drove right on the limit to the end. Nico did a perfect job - no mistakes and won the race.

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"All I can say is, 'guys thank you very much'."

Lauda also added that it was no easy feat for Rosberg to fend off Hamilton for so long.

"This is the worst when you come out of the pits and the other guy [Hamilton] is right there again and again and again," Lauda added. "It is really hard stuff for the winner because at the back you always attack, it is easier.

"Both of them did an incredible job, but Nico was the better one today."