Paul Hembery says the weather conditions seen at the Brazilian Grand Prix justified Pirelli's original tyre compound selection.

Pirelli chose the hard and medium tyre compounds for Interlagos before reverting to medium and soft after analysing the new track surface. However, with track temperatures comfortably over 50C for much of the weekend - leading to a three-stop race and the soft tyre used as little as possible - Hembery said the high temperatures showed why it had made its original decision.

"We certainly weren't far off," Hembery told "The only reason we said we wanted to go that way was because of these conditions! 60C track conditions which you can get here. We've had it once in ten years but it happens and those are the results.

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"Having said that, if it had been a cool event you'd have been here asking me a different type of question. The surface though was the big changing factor. While it was less rough and less abrasive there was a lot of sliding going on, very smooth just putting down all sorts of oils and bitumen. It probably created a quicker track in the end but it meant a lot of the balance that the teams have been used to having here was taken out. If we came back again I'm sure the teams themselves would have a different type of set-up."

With blistering expected on the soft tyres at the start of the race, Hembery admitted the mediums had suffered from overheating but that there was nothing dangerous about the issues faced.

"Not nervy, we knew it was going to be tough on the softer tyre ... the first few laps on the mediums we were having superficial blistering on the right front of a few cars. Basically the tyres weren't wearing, so the bulk was there - 90% at the end of the stint still there - so you've got a lot of rubber in one zone that's being overheated.

"It's tough when you come to a circuit where you've got the hottest temperatures in ten years, new tarmac ... Could we have got away with the hard tyre? Yes, in these conditions, but if we'd had 15C you'd have been here asking me 'What about the hard tyre causing graining in the cold weather and sliding around?' So it was one of those things. I think if the teams had had more running we could have probably dialled out the problem on the front right."