Lotus technical director Nick Chester says the design of the team's new car is being helped by Mercedes having "a more defined programme" than Renault.

After a year struggling with the Renault power unit, Lotus switches to Mercedes in 2015 and will look to make a big step in competitiveness as a result of having what is currently the strongest power unit. Chester said there is a lot of work to be done when switching engine supplier but is pleased with how concrete much of Mercedes' plans already are.

"There are a number of differences that we need to take into account like the packaging, the heat rejections, and the cooling requirements," Chester said. "At the same time, had we continued with Renault Sport F1, there would also have been modifications in the package for 2015. My feeling is that it won't represent significantly more work. It is more a matter of adapting to a new type of packaging and different requirements.

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"In some ways, it will be relatively painless as Mercedes are quite fixed about what they need for their power unit installation. It means that there won't be too many iterations, at least less than when the V6 was introduced last year. It is a more defined programme."

And Chester also said it is aerodynamically where the team will be looking to make the most gains, with a new nose set to be introduced as a result of a tweak in regulations.

"We look at all areas when designing a new car. The big areas would be the aerodynamic performance where we obviously have struggled this year. There are certain areas where we want to improve the aero characteristics; the rest of it is around packaging the Mercedes power unit."