Former F1 driver Mark Webber has joked that Jenson Button should 'get on with it' and pledge his commitment to sportscar racing in 2015 as the British driver nears a decision regarding his racing future.

With Fernando Alonso believed to have already penned a contract to join McLaren-Honda in 2015, Button finds himself in contention with current team-mate Kevin Magnussen for the remaining seat, with the Dane believed to have the slight edge.

Indeed, Button says he is hopeful he will have more to share shortly, tweeting this morning:

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It was a tweet that drew a response from former Red Bull driver Webber, who moved into the FIA World Endurance Championship with Porsche in 2014, with the Australian encouraging Button to 'get on with it' and make a move to sportscars.

Button has been previously linked to following Webber by joining Porsche, though the German marque could face competition for his services from the likes of Toyota and incoming Nissan.


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otto6457: I'm so tired of all the nonsense in F1 that the WEC looks better all the time. Jensen could do a lot worse than joining Weber at Porsche. The WEC race at COTA was more fun than the F1 race at COTA. [\blockquote]

I watched both F1 (2012) and WEC (this year) "live" at COTA - the WEC racing was infinitely better - in all aspects - than F1 - and that was the old incarnation, never mind the asthmatic sounding iterations we have trundling around now.

I really hope he (JB) does make the move - and announces it just as McL tell the world he's staying!!!