Daniel Ricciardo says he is enjoying being the central figure in Red Bull's development plans for the 2015 season.

Red Bull announced at the Japanese Grand Prix that Sebastian Vettel would be leaving the team at the end of this season, with the four-time world champion poised to join Ferrari in 2015. That has meant Vettel is not as involved in the team's future plans, leaving Ricciardo as the driver which development is focused around, and he said he has enjoyed being able to have input in to the new car.

"I act like I like the attention sometimes, I'm a bit of a goof!" Ricciardo said. "Generally it's cool. I feel like I know the team well enough now to have those conversations and it feels nice to give my input. But of course if I didn't know anything then I would keep my mouth shut rather than steer them in a blind direction, but I feel like I've been able to help on a few things."

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And Ricciardo said there would still be areas that Vettel will have influenced having helped try to drive development of the current car.

"It's probably a little bit trickier. Fortunately the rule changes for next year are not really big at all, so I think it's really everything we've learned from this year just put it in to next. Obviously Seb has been giving feedback from this year so they can still use that for the following.

"We've talked already a bit about next year obviously what we can try and improve - our biggest points of improvement - so that's a constant conversation we're having. Hopefully Dani [Kvyat] can get on board as soon as Abu Dhabi's over. The sooner he's on board the sooner he can start helping out as well."