Bernie Ecclestone says "nobody will miss" Marussia and Caterham because they were not front-running teams.

Marussia closed its doors during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, while Caterham remains in administration but is hopeful of returning to the grid in Abu Dhabi. Ecclestone, however, insists in an interview with Campaign Asia-Pacific that F1 is not in crisis and says he isn't worried about teams that are struggling.

Asked if he is concerned that teams are in trouble and the impact it will have on the sport, Ecclestone replied: "Not at all.

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"Nobody will miss the two teams [Marussia and Caterham] because they're not front-running teams; they've only got a name that people would know because of the problem they're in. If you want to get recognised you've got to do something. This poor guy in South Africa [Oscar Pistorius], for instance, has got more interest because of what happened with him than when he was winning gold medals. He won medals and afterwards nobody thought about him. If this case hadn't happened he would have been forgotten, probably.

"Same with these two teams. You need teams like Ferrari. If you go anywhere and you say to somebody 'Ferrari', they'll know what you're talking about. If you say 'Marussia', they won't. So that's it. It's brands again, isn't it? Ferrari's a brand and it's a brand that's particularly connected to a product and it's known for that product."

Ecclestone said the demise of Marussia and Caterham had been due to overspending, and said the solution for other teams in trouble is simple.

"Just don't spend as much. These teams don't need to be in financial trouble. They need to think about what they have got to spend and do the best they can with that. Take Williams, for example. Years ago Frank [Williams] had a very small budget and was generally in trouble. Yet he always paid every dollar that he owed.

"He ran his team accordingly with the amount of money he could come up with. He didn't have dreams about competing with Ferrari. Eventually things got better and he built the business and now he's where he is today. It's the same for everything in life, isn't it, really? It's the same problem with ladies and credit cards."


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Callous attitude.
Whilst such teams will never be at the sharp end, you do need a reasonable number of cars to make up the grid and see battles throughout the field.
Otherwise the race will be ten cars and no spectators.
This guy is so out of touch it beggars belief.