Caterham's administrator says ensuring the team raced in Abu Dhabi was "really crucial" to its hopes of completing a deal with a potential buyer.

Administrator Smith & Williamson announced on Friday that Caterham will take part in the final race of the season after progress was made with a crowdfunding project. Speaking to after that announcement, joint administrator Finbarr O'Connell said the team had to show it has a future by returning to the grid.

Asked how crucial it was to be able to confirm it would race, O'Connell replied: "Really, really crucial.

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"If you're not out there and you're not going racing ... I know people are talking to Marussia about rescuing it but because it's not there people don't really know what's happening and people forget things quickly and people write things off quickly. So this has been really essential for this to happen."

And O'Connell explained that the decision to race has been made because the administrators are confident the full crowdfunding amount of ?2.35m will be reached.

"On the website we are about ?500,000 short, but we're still negotiating contracts. We have a second driver contract which we are negotiating at the moment, we have sponsorship contracts we're dealing with and the public cash that's coming in. So Henry Shinners and I have decided that we are confident that even though that money is not in the bank as we speak we will raise it in time. So we're going to recalibrate the clock later up to the time of the race for that last funding."

O'Connell added that the main goal remains trying to find a buyer for the team to secure its long-term future, and says the crowdfunding initiative has been central to boosting those hopes.

"I'm continuing talks with people and I have new talks with people. The fantastic thing about the crowdfunding is it has brought people to the negotiating table who were not there beforehand. This whole thing that it's in the press, in the news, we're available, the race team are there, they're working unpaid but really showing their spirit and commitment ... I think it has really excited people. This shouldn't just be left to die, every effort should be made to save it."