Toto Wolff says he cannot wait to watch the outcome of the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship season as his two Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg go head-to-head for this year's title in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

You have to go back 18 years to find the last time two team-mates went up against each other in a two-way final race showdown, when Damon Hill got the better of Williams counterpart and F1 rookie Jacques Villeneuve in 1996

Though Hamilton comes into the event with a comfortable 17 point advantage over Rosberg, the implementation of double points for the first time keeps the pressure on and ensures nothing less than second place will be enough for the Englishman to win the title regardless of his team-mate's result.

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Indeed, Wolff is aware that whatever the outcome there will be great joy and great disappointment shared by either side of the garage, but he believes whoever loses out will simply come back stronger.

"When we look back through the season, each driver has had his share of ups and downs and both have shown great strength of character to recover from setbacks. As a team we are fortunate to have such a talented line-up and both are worthy champions in the eyes of everybody behind them at Brackley, Brixworth and Stuttgart.

"Of course, there will be bitter disappointment for one of them and great joy for the other. While it won't be apparent to them at the time, both have long careers ahead of them and they have proven their credentials for the years to come.

"You only have to look back to such great battles as that of Lauda and Prost in 1984 to see what can be achieved. This was the last title for Niki, who won that year, and Prost was defeated in that battle. But he then went on to win four Championships before he retired. A top driver always has the ability to engineer another opportunity and both our boys have proven themselves to be just that: top drivers."

Though technical issues have made their presence felt at times in 2014, Wolff insists Mercedes is doing everything to ensure the title is decided by the driver only in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

"It is now down to us to ensure that this fascinating year concludes in the right way by giving Lewis and Nico a platform to settle the title purely on the track. It is fantastic for the sport to have such a finale in what has been one of the great seasons of Formula One.

"I for one cannot wait to watch the race in Abu Dhabi and I'm sure those at home feel the same. May the best man win!"


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Nico is a supremely talented driver and his consistency and Bernie's stupid points have kept him on the fight till the end, but how many times has he passed Lewis or kept him being at the end of a race for a win this year? Twice? How many times has Lewis done the same to Nico, hard or otherwise? Nico is a fantastic driver, but Lewis is the better racer