Daniel Ricciardo says the way Sebastian Vettel works with the team around him will earn him respect at Ferrari.

Vettel's switch to Ferrari on a three-year deal was confirmed on Thursday, with Fernando Alonso leaving the team. Ricciardo has beaten Vettel throughout 2014, taking three wins to his team-mate's none, but he says the four-time world champion's way of working is something that has impressed him.

Asked what is the main thing he's learned from Vettel this year, Ricciardo said: "The way he brings the people that work with him close to him.

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"Basically the way he demands and gets what he wants. We're always never happy with our cars; we always want something better from it and I think the way he approaches that.

"He's quite ruthless but also quite fair at the same time. He's got a good balance of being serious and looking the team in the eye and saying 'I need this', but I think at the same time he earns their respect by acting that way. He doesn't rest, he's not going to be happy being behind. I think the way he goes about it is pretty good."

With both Ricciardo and Vettel having come through the ranks at Red Bull from its young driver program, Ricciardo doesn't foresee the move to Ferrari being too much of a culture shock for his current team-mate.

"He's in for a change, that's for sure. He's been with Red Bull a lot longer than me from the junior days, I think 15 years or something crazy he's had a Red Bull helmet. It's pretty much double the stint I've done. So I think the biggest difference is he'll look at his helmet and there's no more Red Bull branding so he's got to think of a new design!

"I think with the team and that it's like any change, you'll adapt and he'll manage. I think the first test will feel weird for him, but I'm sure by Melbourne it will all feel very normal."