Kimi Raikkonen believes he and Sebastian Vettel will be able to have fun as Ferrari team-mate in 2015.

Ferrari confirmed on Thursday that Fernando Alonso will leave the team and Vettel will replace him on a three-year deal. With Raikkonen and Vettel enjoying a friendly relationship, Raikkonen says the primary focus will be on trying to return Ferrari to the front of the grid but he is looking forward to working alongside his new team-mate.

"Time will tell obviously, but I think it's nice to be with him in the same team," Raikkonen said. "Obviously the main objective is to get the team, Ferrari, in the position where we should be at the front. Obviously on the way we will try to beat each other the whole time but I think we can have fun and get things done in a good way."

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And Raikkonen says he doesn't expect being team-mates with Vettel to change the dynamic between the two that they currently have.

"Obviously I haven't worked with him before in the same team but I know him best out of any guys and our relationship has always been very straightforward so I don't expect any changes on that. I expect it to be normal, let's say, and good, and hopefully we can get the team where we should be."