Will Stevens says he is aiming to display his potential against Kamui Kobayashi during this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Caterham's return to the grid for the last race of the season has given Stevens the opportunity to make his grand prix debut alongside Kobayashi, with confirmation of his seat coming on Thursday. Stevens acknowledges that Caterham is set to be off the pace of the rest of the field but says having an experienced team-mate offers him a good benchmark and will allow him to learn quickly.

"In any team you drive for in Formula One, your main competitor is your team-mate," Stevens said. "If you look at the qualifying results from the last couple of meetings it's pretty much in team order. So as a driver we always have to do the best job we possibly can and that is beating your team-mate.

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"Obviously in Kamui I've got an experienced and quick person and that's exactly what I want because obviously it's a hard situation to come in to but I'm learning from someone who has got a lot of experience and we'll see over the weekend how we get on."

While it has taken a while for Stevens to receive confirmation of his drive - having signed with Caterham last week - he said he was not too concerned by the wait for his super licence.

"We've been speaking to these guys for a week or so now to try and get the deal over the line. We actually signed with these guys at the end of last week, the final thing we had to get over the line was the super licence. Obviously we qualify because we did the mileage at the Silverstone test this year, and obviously there's a criteria on your racing CV which we pass as well.

"So we always knew that it should go ahead, we just needed to go through the correct procedure to get here and obviously earlier today was when we found out and it's nice for me to be able to go in to the race now knowing that we need to do a good job and move forward."

And Stevens admitted money has played a part in him securing the seat, but he sees it as an opportunity to a future in F1.

"The team wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the crowdfunding scheme so we need to say a big thank you to those, because without them the team wouldn't be here. Obviously the drivers coming in need to come to a deal with the team. I'd like to think my experience with the team counts a lot here and we're pushing to get in to F1 not only for this but for the long term as well."