Nico Rosberg aimed a jibe at Lewis Hamilton during the drivers' press conference ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, saying his team-mate can ensure it is a clean fight.

Following a collision between the two in Belgium and times when team orders have been ignored this season - such as in Bahrain, Spain and Hungary - which have increased tensions, Hamilton was asked if he expects a clean fight with Rosberg during the title decider on Sunday, to which he replied: "Yeah.

"I don't really know what else to say. That how it's been. You have to go into the race weekends believing that's going to be the case, yeah."

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Asked if there was anything he could do to ensure the battle is clean, Hamilton said he didn't think so before adding that no discussions ahead of the race would be necessary.

"We don't need to [talk]," Hamilton said. "It's already been discussed at the beginning of the season and several times through the season and particularly after Spa, so there's no reason to revisit it. We're not children, we should know what is wrong and what is right."

However, when Rosberg was offered the opportunity to add his own thoughts, he fired a retort at Hamilton disagreeing that there was nothing he could do to ensure a fair battle.

"No, just that yes, Lewis can do something to keep it clean which is drive cleanly himself," Rosberg said. "So it's not like he can't do anything."


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Richard ,
he wasn't "hit" by Nico, he was hit by Nico, he had the racing line, any other driver you'd be blaming Nico but as you reminded me the other day the points will decide the championship so I hope there are no breakdowns on EITHER side of the garage and it's a good hard BUT fair fight