Lewis Hamilton says the dominance displayed by Mercedes during Friday practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix "is a true showing of how amazing this team is".

While Hamilton topped both sessions on Friday, it was the gap in FP1 which really caught the eye as both Mercedes drivers were 1.7s clear of the rest of the field. While Hamilton was pleased to have the edge over title rival Nico Rosberg early on, he said the best part of Friday had been how quick the car had been out of the box.

"I want to win this weekend," Hamilton said. "I'm pushing to try and improve the car, I want to be at the front.

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"The car feels very good. It's the best car I've ever driven here. I genuinely really enjoy driving this track, with the balance I had today it's something we can still improve but otherwise it's a remarkable job that Mercedes has done, to be able to arrive at this track with this car and this gap to the others is a true showing of how amazing this team is."

And Hamilton said he was encouraged by how Mercedes was able to handle tyre degradation on the softest two compounds available at the Yas Marina circuit.

"The guys were saying the degradation is huge on the soft but I didn't really have any on the rear. It started to come at the front so I think that's what they were suggesting was different to the other teams."


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dickiebird: Hamilton is blowing smoke up Mercedes trying desparately to make sure they don't sabotage his car in order to allow Nico to take the title. Sorry Lulu, it's already been decided. You're history man. You have caused too many waves in what should be the most peaceful team in F1. These people know they could put the truck driver behind the wheel of their car, and still get a one two. Why do they need your disruptive influence?[\blockquote]

Wow, really?? I sincerely hope to get a puff on whatever you're smoking!

Seb is a fantastic driver, anybody who can win 4 titles is. Is he any better than Fernando or Lewis? No.
So Richard, you're saying that the 2011 Red Bull car wasn't dominant? REALLY??
Yes the 2012 McLaren was the best car, but the team truly messed up Lewis' chances with all the unreliability and bad pitstops. And Seb only won that year because Hulkenburg had a brain fart in the last race and decided to drive over Hamilton's car in a move that was never gonna come off. But still he won, nothing can change that.
Last year showed how good RB can be when the chips are down. Totally dominant car from the mid season break on, was winning by 30+seconds at will. The 'yes, but what about his team mate?' question you constantly ask is answered quite simply. Webber's speed went when RB put everything behind Seb from 2011 onwards....