Force India team principal Vijay Mallya has slammed "cheats" Red Bull for its approach to F1 amid calls for a greater share of revenues for the smaller teams.

On Saturday, Mallya - along with Gerard Lopez of Lotus and Sauber's Monisha Kaltenborn - met with Bernie Ecclestone and CVC chairman Donald Mackenzie to discuss the current distribution of funds and said the smaller teams had got the attention of F1's owners. Then, following Red Bull's exclusion from qualifying for running illegal front wing flaps, Mallya was quick to criticise the four-time world champions.

"A big F1 team that says we small outfits should not come with bananas to a gun fight, grabs maximum money and cheats on the regulations," Mallya wrote on Twitter.

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"Arrogance and a superiority complex on the part of those who are paid to be in F1 should not dilute or colour those who pay to be in F1.

"Have holders of purse strings and decision makers in F1 become slaves to the whims of the big boys and the contracts? What about F1 sport?"

Mallya also followed those comments by retweeting a report on Red Bull's exclusion from qualifying.

Lopez said on Saturday that the smaller teams are expecting action following their meeting with Ecclestone and Mackenzie.


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A bit harsh from V.J. but well said... F1 has become all about the money and trying to beat the rules and not get caught... The F1 as a sport is nearly gone. And for all who hate the pay drivers and the teams who run them is just un called for.. Because the reason for this teams to accept this driver is for them to survive and because they really have no choice. Where will the get the money? When no one really wants to sponsor a sport that only 2 driver can really win straight up and the rest just battle for the last podium pos. Try to watch GP2 or Super GT from Japan, those series still show real "racing" and not a procession of 60 odd laps. Even indycar is more exciting nowadays.