Lewis Hamilton says he is ignoring mind games from team-mate Nico Rosberg and is "better prepared" than ever for today's championship-deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Rosberg starts from pole position, needing Hamilton to finish outside the top two to have a chance of winning the title, and says he is keen to keep the pressure on Hamilton in order to try and force him in to a mistake. However, Hamilton has not risen to comments from Rosberg, including a dig on Thursday about keeping his driving clean.

Asked about Rosberg's mind games, Hamilton replied: "I don't really pay much attention to him, no.

"If I made any mistakes then it would have been the same amount as him, like he had to an extra lap on the race tyre which hopefully will have an effect for tomorrow, and that was due to a mistake, whereas my tyres are perfect for the race. But I've made very few mistakes through the year, so I'm not worried.

"For Nico he is trying everything possible in his head to come up with some kind of way of dealing with things. That's how he deals with it. Me, I just keep to myself and do my talking on the track. I know from my experiences of the past I'm better prepared than I ever have been."

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And Hamilton says he is comfortable starting behind Rosberg having won double the amount of races compared to his team-mate so far this season.

"Getting a pole position is a great thing, it's something a driver always want to get, but as we've seen in F1 in the past, pole is not everything. It's more what you do in the race. I'm second on the grid, but it's not a bad position to be in as it's a long straight from (turns) seven to eight.

"So for me I feel quite comfortable with where I am, and I still want to win, and the confidence I have in knowing I can race helps a lot. Nico may have won the 'Pole Position Cup' - I don't mind that."