Nico Rosberg says Lewis Hamilton "has everything to lose" in today's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Hamilton goes in to the race leading by 17 points and will win the drivers' championship with a top two finish. Rosberg needs to win the race and have Hamilton finish no higher than third place in order to take the title, and he said he is relishing the opportunity as the underdog going in to the title decider.

"For me it's intense, for sure, very intense," Rosberg said. "I'm not going to stand here and say it's a walk in the park. But it's a great moment at the same time, and that's what I'm focusing on, making the most of it, having this opportunity which is very special.

"Lewis has everything to lose, I have everything to gain, so for sure the pressure is on him. That's my opportunity, to keep the pressure on him as much as possible and maybe he will make the mistake, which we saw today for example, and in Brazil also.

"In Brazil I tried to keep the level as high as possible and push him into that mistake. If there is a Williams a bit closer it could be enough. Who knows?"

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And asked if he has rattled Hamilton, Rosberg said he had noticed more errors from his team-mate in recent races.

"What is in my hands is to keep the pressure on as much as possible. He's been making several mistakes lately, so those are the signs that give me hope, so I need to keep going, and who knows? Anything can happen in sport."