Nico Rosberg was gracious in defeat at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, saying Lewis Hamilton deserved to win the world championship and "was the best driver on the grid this year".

Hamilton took victory in the final race of the season to secure his second drivers' title, while reliability issues prevented Rosberg mounting a challenge. Speaking immediately after the race, Rosberg said he was proud to have fought Hamilton for the title but felt ultimately the best driver had won.

"He deserved to win today and he deserved also to win the championship," Rosberg said. "He was this year just that little bit better and so it's fully deserved. He's done an amazing year, an amazing job and he was the best driver on the grid this year, for sure. It was a great battle between us and that's what I race for; to go up against Lewis in the team, very intense at times of course but also at times fantastic.

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"I'm also very proud to be part of this moment with the team. It's been special to have such a car. Unbelievable. It's been an incredible experience for me this weekend, I've never had that before. So much support from everybody, from fans all around the world and even the British. I know of course the majority or a lot of Brits were for Lewis but still there was a lot of British fans here and it was so nice to see even after qualifying everybody just acknowledging and respectfully applauding and everything was very, very nice and I'm very thankful for that."

While Rosberg said it would take a while for him to be able to reflect fondly on his performances this season, he vowed to come back stronger in 2015.

"It's going to take me a bit of time, I can't think of that now. There's also a lot of strong points which I can build on for next year. It was very close between Lewis and I and I need to work on the racing a little bit. Qualifying I've been the better qualifier the last two years so that's something I can really build on. I need to find a little bit in the racing and I am going to find that bit. I'm going to work on it and it's going to be another great year next year for sure."