Daniel Ricciardo described 2014 as "pretty much the perfect season" after recovering to fourth in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Both Red Bull cars were excluded from qualifying after the FIA found it to have illegal front wings, leaving Ricciardo and team-mate Sebastian Vettel to start from the pit lane. However, Ricciardo delivered a hugely impressive recovery drive to take fourth place behind Lewis Hamilton and the two Williams cars and he said the result capped off a dream first season at Red Bull.

"The race went as good as it could have gone," Ricciardo said. "You're obviously not happy starting from pit lane but I think the race we did from there was pretty much perfect. We passed the cars when we needed to, we did the lap times when we needed to and I think fourth was the maximum. So I'm happy that I started the season well, the middle of the season was well and the end of the season was well, so it was pretty much the perfect season for me.

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"What I've done this year, I just want to keep doing that. I was really happy with the way I drove; my qualifying, my racing. I always want to improve and keep getting better but I'm really happy with what I've done this year and the team's recovery as well so a really good season for us."

Despite such a strong season, Ricciardo says he expects to be tested when Daniil Kvyat joins him as team-mate next year.

"Let's see, let's see. I need to stay active and not depend on being the old guy too much. But I'm excited for the challenge of next year. Danny [Kvyat] is young but quick and I think he'll learn very fast so I need to be prepared for everything."