GP3 champion and Red Bull junior Alex Lynn will make his F1 debut testing for Lotus on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi.

Lynn sealed the GP3 championship at the Yas Marina Circuit last week and was thought to be in the frame for a Toro Rosso drive but told in the paddock in Abu Dhabi that he was no longer expecting to secure a race seat in F1.

"I'm looking to try and get a role within Formula One," Lynn said. "Obviously it's not going to be a race seat but if I can get a good role somewhere then that will be my preference."

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And Lynn explained that he had only been approached about the opportunity to drive for Lotus on Sunday night.

"I found out on Sunday evening that I was going to get the chance. You always feel a little bit uncomfortable because it's so late in the day but I've just got to jump at the opportunity. First time in a Formula One car, really excited.

"It was honestly so out of the blue and I wasn't even planning on staying here, I was going to go to Dubai for a couple of days after the GP3 race before the GP2 test. It was all so late, so I wasn't planning on anything [in F1] but now, come and have a go."

While acknowledging the lack of preparation time available to him, Lynn believes it's a good way to make his F1 debut.

"I'm not too bad actually. I might not sleep that well tonight! I feel ready to have a go in it. I think it's going to be low pressure, it's just an afternoon, so not a huge amount of track time.

"I prefer it that way, just to have it - not low key but low pressure so I can get out there and do my thing and see how I get on really."