Stoffel Vandoorne says McLaren is "quite a bit" behind schedule after problems with its Honda power unit on the first day of testing in Abu Dhabi.

McLaren had been hoping to run through systems checks with the Honda at Yas Marina on Tuesday, but Vandoorne was unable to take to the track due to an electrical issue in the morning session. Having finally emerged in the afternoon, Vandoorne stopped on track and only completed three laps, and he admits McLaren is up against it to make up for lost mileage on Wednesday.

"Obviously it was all about building up the power really so we haven't run the engine in full power mode yet," Vandoorne said. "So we're expecting to do that over the next day. So it's very difficult to get a feeling of it at this stage because we've only done install laps and we had a couple of issues.

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"Quite a bit [behind schedule]. We planned obviously on more than three laps today but overnight already we had some issues so we got delayed this morning. Tomorrow if we get anything more then it will be good.

"Every lap is very valuable because after these two days we'll have two months to come up with new ideas for next year. So hopefully we'll get in some more laps tomorrow."

And Vandoorne said he is a fan of the sound of the Honda power unit, hoping it translates in to a strong engine.

"The sound is a little bit different. From the car it feels quite nice actually. I don't know if it has anything to do with power but usually they say when it sounds nice it has got a lot of power!"


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This is "Honda" we are talking about, a company that produce the most awesome engines in the world and the experience they have in F1 from the turbo era, then the v10 and the v8... no one really needs to tell us that they know what they are doing, if they say they can match Mercedes, then they will match it, because the Japanese don't know how to bluff, they say it as it is...