McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team has a "completely unknown" problem which has prevented running on Wednesday in Abu Dhabi.

After managing just three laps on the first day of testing on Tuesday, the final day has seen McLaren remain in the garage for the opening three hours of running so far. While yesterday's issue was identified and fixed, Boullier admits the current problems are being investigated because there is no obvious cause.

"It's part of the strangeness of the electrical parts," Boullier said. "You plug everything in and everything's fine, then it stops working. So you unplug it, you dismantle and separately they are both fine. So today we have a completely unknown problem. Everything was fine this morning, car on the ground, fire up at 0845 to leave the garage; new issue. Absolutely unknown."

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However, Boullier said he is not overly concerned by the lack of running, insisting that simply the opportunity to work with Honda at the track will prove beneficial for next season.

"To be honest, compared to our other colleagues, showing up and turning up in Jerez having this kind of problem I think would hurt. This is why actually we ran this separate development car because we decided whatever happens it will only be a bonus if we can try to run it before the end of the season.

"So to be honest with you, having the chance to try to run it yesterday or today for us is just a bonus on top of everything because behind the scenes the most important thing is building the cooperation between both companies, running operations, which obviously is one of the key topics.

"Yes, firing up the engine and running it is one, but what people need to understand as well is behind the scenes there are maybe 200 people working together and you need to make these people work together properly. So everything we do today, even if we don't run, is positive anyway for the future. It's frustrating, we want to run, but it's positive anyway."


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mytyresaregoingoff: I had the same problem on my Triumph motorcycle..turn on the lights and the engine cut out. I could not trace the fault for love or money so fully understand McHonda problem. Except I was an 18 year old self taught enthusiast in my dad's garage, not a graduate engineer working for a multi million dollar outfit.[\blockquote]

I had similar, but that was a '64 Tiger 500 - the alternator would only charge if the lights were set to sidelights. Got rid of it quick!

Edit: Is someone saying I didn't have that bike??? 6 silly buggers so far!

Maybe they should change to an Android OS.