McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says five laps in total during testing in Abu Dhabi was "not good enough" but insists the team and Honda is better prepared for 2015.

The new Honda power unit had a troublesome public debut, with three laps on Tuesday being followed by just two on Wednesday at the Yas Marina Circuit. While calling any running this week a "bonus" earlier in the day, Boullier admitted that the lack of running means the team has missed its early targets.

"It's obviously not what we wanted to achieve," Boullier said. "Our target was to run the car on track, to run all the systems, and we were not expecting here to develop anything other than trying all the systems. We didn't achieve this, so we failed on this. Yes, it's a still a bonus because going into such a test in Jerez and having the same problems would hurt us much more. At least both Honda and McLaren have worked very hard to make this hybrid car and come here.

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"Operationally we went through a lot and when we were not running, we were dismantling the car in multiple parts and at least we learned a lot about processes and what could be wrong in the future. Yes, it's not good enough and we are not happy with that, but at least we learned things which are important to be prepared for the next one."

And Boullier explained that the problem which stopped the car on track in the afternoon session was similar to what had prevented running in the morning.

"It was still an electrical issue. We fixed a couple of them overnight and today and on the first installation lap the car ran quite well and with no problem at all. When hitting the track again on a longer run the car just blacked out completely.

"It happens to some different cars this year and sometimes nobody know why, so we had this problem. We just brought the car back and after investigating for 20 minutes we couldn't wake the car up again, so we just said 'stop'. The car will now be sent back to Woking for a full investigation."