Alex Lynn feels he will always be in Lotus' debt for providing him with his first opportunity to drive an F1 car after his Abu Dhabi test.

With Toro Rosso running Max Verstappen on both days, Lynn - who had previously been in the frame for a race seat at the Red Bull junior team - was drafted in to the Lotus for an afternoon. Having completed 52 laps during a busy spell in the car, Lynn said he is focusing on trying to secure a full time F1 role and thanked Lotus for aiding his cause.

"To be honest I think winning GP3 has been a massive step and a massive help for my career," Lynn said. "It's really got my name in to some good places and opportunities like this coming up and having an afternoon in a Formula One car are opportunities that I need to grab.

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"Opportunities are short for everyone so when I get a chance like this I really need to make it count. Hopefully I did, but obviously the Toro Rosso chance is looking less and less but at the end of the day I've come to terms with the fact that the whole situation of trying to get in to Formula One is very difficult and I'm just going to work my arse off to get in and take the most out of opportunities like this.

"Without the kindness of Lotus of actually just saying 'Get in and show us what you can do, that's literally what we want to see' ... teams doing things like that is massively important for the sport and I think massive thanks to them. I will always forever be in their debt of giving me my first chance in an F1 car."

Evaluating how his F1 debut went, Lynn feels he was quickly competitive in the car and showed Lotus the speed with which he could learn to get the most out of it.

"I was really happy with how I progressed quite quickly, got down to some good lap times straight away and then I think - you'd have to ask the team - but I think we got down to a good baseline straight away and then we could start running through their test programme and stuff. I was building confidence quicker and quicker and in the end we did a longer stint. I think we got to do nine or ten laps, I think they wanted to see how consistent I was, how I could handle the tyre degradation and stuff like that.

"Obviously we didn't do any qualifying runs with low fuel, no supersoft, so in terms of all that stuff I think the best people to ask would be them but I'm really pleased with what I did."

And Lynn said he wasn't too disappointed not to get the opportunity to run the car in qualifying spec to chase a headline lap time.

"For bragging rights of course, but I'd be even more pleased if they turned round and went 'Alex did a mega job, really happy with him, exactly what we wanted and what we expected'. If I get that feedback from them I think that's just as important as probably going P1 because it's great to go quickest but at the end of the day this is all about trying to get in to Formula One, not trying to win it or bin it."