McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team will able to solve some of the problems it experienced with the new Honda power plant this week by going back to the dyno.

Boullier conceded that doing just five laps during the two-day Abu Dhabi test was obviously "not good enough", but remains confident they can get all the systems operational by the time of the opening 2015 test at Jerez in February.

"We can run a lot of things on the dyno," Boullier said. "What we did here was we brought what would be the base of our car layout technically speaking - the engine, battery and more or less everything. A lot of things didn't work but those things can be solved on dyno.

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"I am not talking about drivability or these kinds of things where you need to have a car on the track, this is pure performance.

"But at least to make sure all the systems are working, we can do this on dyno between now and Jerez."

Boullier also added that he was happy with the way the team and Honda were interacting.

"You can see that it was very frustrating. Some electrical issues have consequences on all parts of the car. When we had some problems on Tuesday it actually created some other issues somewhere else, so at the end we were chasing problems. We fixed some of them and the car was running - at least for a lap - very good on Wednesday but when we went back on track we just had a complete shutdown. We had people that were sleep deprived because it was a long night, but there was no stress in the garage. The Honda and McLaren people clicked and worked very well together," he continued.

"Communication is very good. It is one of the positives, one of the very small positives compared to everything [that happened]. Our IT infrastructure has been working very well also, which is good.

"Operationally we learned a lot and ticked a lot of boxes. The relationship with the Honda people is excellent," he concluded.