Alex Lynn says Red Bull will still try to help him race in Formula 1 despite Carlos Sainz Jr being set for the vacant Toro Rosso drive.

Jean-Eric Vergne announced via Twitter on Wednesday that he would not be staying with Toro Rosso alongside Max Verstappen next year, leaving a seat free at the team. With Lynn saying he hasn't been chosen for the drive, Sainz Jr is the hot favourite to be confirmed on the 2015 grid but Lynn said it doesn't mean Red Bull will stop trying to find him a role in F1.

"I think they'll always try and help me," Lynn said. "Me and Dr Marko have got a great relationship. I think there's no doubt in my mind how good he thinks I am, it's just like so many things in life the cards need to fall at the right time. It looks like my cards won't fall at the right time for Toro Rosso but it could be the perfect opportunity for somewhere else and that's what we're working towards.

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"There's a couple of good opportunities that could come up and I genuinely reckon within two, maximum three weeks, I'm going to know if I'm going to have a chance at having more goes in a Formula One car next year."

However, Lynn ruled out getting a race seat in F1 even if the likes of Caterham and Marussia return to the grid next season with drives available.

"Definitely it won't be a race seat, that's for sure. [Caterham]'s not really what I'm looking at. Not dissing anyone but I'm looking at a sustainable career, I'm looking to become a world champion one day and if I can try and get myself in the door somewhere I can be really in the frame then that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for someone who believes in what I can do and believes that I could lead a team one day."


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How many Toro Rosso driver's careers have gone forward after driving for this team? Two by my reckoning, so I can see what Alex is saying here.

So now young driver with a bit of talent start saying they would not take a race seat with the backmarkers...

It kinda show how useless they got to be, when they are not even seen as a talent showcasing opportunity by the up and coming drivers.
Let's hope those who will follow them in trying to make their name in the sport will bring more to it than a few shameful absolutly uncompetitive cars.

But all the name you mention have started with backmarkers who had an off chance of doing well if all was to fall together for the outfit. In those condition an exceptional talent can make it happen more than the outfit would normally deserve.

I don't think the same can be said of the like of Catherham or Marussia.