Honda and McLaren is setting its expectations high for 2015 in order to be as competitive as possible next season.

The first public running of the new Honda power unit did not go as planned, with McLaren managing just five laps across two days of testing in Abu Dhabi this week. However, Honda's chief officer of motorsport Yasuhisa Arai said during the test that the target is to be competitive with Mercedes from the start of next year.

"Next season is very important for us; we want to win always," Arai said. "Maybe we will find out that we are doing a good preparation for the next season. So please have a good expectation."

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And McLaren racing director Eric Boullier agreed that the team would be aiming higher than it had this year, when its target was to have a reliable and consistent car at the start of the season.

"I think the approach will be similar [to 2014], maybe a bit more ambitious, I guess," Boullier said. "We all want to go to Melbourne thinking we could win the race. We can dream! But this is why I'm saying we are pushing to have this target because this is the only way for us to deliver what we want."