Jolyon Palmer says he is not holding out much hope of earning an F1 race seat next season having won this year's GP2 championship. understands Palmer was close to a Caterham deal in the closing weeks of the season, but with that option having fallen through and both Caterham and Marussia uncertain to make the grid in 2015 Palmer admits his hopes of racing next season are slim.

"I have not a huge amount of ideas at the moment!" Palmer said. "The aim was always to be racing for next year and it's not looking very likely because 18 cars have got 18 drivers at the moment, apart from McLaren where I won't be.

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"The only possibility to race would be Caterham or Marussia but I'm not holding my breath over that. So then it's really in Formula One a third driver role and we're looking in to the possibilities of that. I'd want to do that if I can get the right offer with enough track time and enough time to really learn for a future race role. Otherwise I have to look outside of Formula One as well."

Having made his F1 debut testing for Force India in Abu Dhabi last week, Palmer said the experience has shown him that a third driver role could be important to his future hopes in order to get F1 track time.

"I think it's important. I'm happy with having just stepped in for one day how quickly I can get used to it. There's a lot to get used to but I'm happy with the progress I made in the short amount of running. Definitely the F1 world is different to the GP2 world even though on the outside we look and we see we're not far off on lap time, there's a lot to learn.

"It was a very useful day all round really, in terms of driving the car, working with the team and just seeing how the whole thing operates. It's been one big learning curve and useful for the future. I think an F1 role of sorts ... all F1 mileage is useful."