Nico Rosberg has vowed to be "back on the offensive" against Lewis Hamilton in 2015.

Hamilton took the drivers' championship this year having overhauled Rosberg at the Singapore Grand Prix despite being more than a race victory behind in points just two races earlier.

From holding a substantial lead after Belgium, Rosberg won just one of the final seven races as Hamilton took six victories, but he says he will bounce back with a stronger challenge next season.

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"2014 has been an incredible year for me," Rosberg said at the Mercedes Stars and Cars event. "I am proud to be part of this fantastic team. Driving my Silver Arrow this season has been enormous fun. It was an amazing experience for me.

"I've been particularly inspired by the huge support from my fans around the world. It gave me extra strength yet again. I'll be back on the offensive next year."


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I think i see your point, it's not the fact that they dominate you dislike, it's the way they go saying ok to some unfreezing and then go backon thier decision.

i must admit that put the way you did, they do feel like school yard bully.

Or i go out and do something about it. Get a wizkid software programmer who will show them how it's done! It might be harder, but i'm in the camp of those who choose the second way.

The way i see it, Merc are indeed playing it rough by not allowing any relaxation on the freeze.
But i'm inclined to think like Tommy on this one.
Everybody knew the spec, everybody knew that the engine would be frozen.
Whatever is making the Merc engine so much better, it is no fault of theirs that they the other could not think about it before it was too late.
From a spectator point of view, it is indeed a bit sad. But F1 most of the time nowaday is about one or two team being well ahead of the others anyway. Started watching in the mid-90s and i don't remember many seasons where it was not like this.

It is sad for us viewer that it is more and more so, always one team well ahead of the others, but should we really expect those who dominate by the rules to accept changing them to help their competitors?

Merc don't wanna give me their super cool programming that allow their car to use the engine more efficiently? I got two choice, i whine about it and nothing change, or i go out,