Kimi Raikkonen says Ferrari will look to put 2014 behind it as soon as possible and learn from a difficult F1 season ahead of next year.

In the face of Mercedes' dominance, Ferrari managed just two podium finishes all year, with Raikkonen himself finishing the season 12th in the drivers' championship. Asked if it was his toughest season, Raikkonen said it ranks the same as any other year in which he wasn't fighting for the world title but says the lessons learned will be important for Ferrari.

"It's just one season," Raikkonen said. "Unfortunately it's not very good and that's how it goes. I really don't count the seasons a lot, when you're not fighting for a championship if you're fifth or fifteenth it makes no difference. It was just overall difficult all the time and for sure we improved and we learn from these kind of things.

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"Obviously it's not nice but it's part of the game and we can blame ourselves and do things different and better overall. For sure the team doesn't want to be in the position we were overall this year, but like I've said before many times I have 100% belief in people that we can turn things around and do things much better."

With Sebastian Vettel joining Ferrar from Red Bull for next year, Raikkonen also said he hadn't spoken to his new team-mate about 2015 during this season, with confirmation of Vettel's move only coming in Abu Dhabi.

"We haven't discussed anything about next year. Obviously all the things happened lately and we had to finish the season as well as we could; ourselves and him where he was this year. For sure once everything starts rolling over we'll discuss things and do things as well as we can and hopefully be where we should be as a team."