Lewis Hamilton says improving his qualifying performance is one key area he will be working on over the winter ahead of the 2015 season.

While Hamilton took his second world championship with 11 victories, team-mate Nico Rosberg won the pole trophy having beaten Hamilton 11-7 in qualifying. Having taken just three pole positions in the final 14 races - but taken seven victories in the same stint - Hamilton said he was pleased to be able to deliver in races but will try and make his life easier by being even stronger in qualifying next season.

"Definitely it makes the race much harder - twice as hard - when you're not ahead of your team-mate because you're in the same car," Hamilton said. "So it makes it doubly hard but that challenge is something you can enjoy.

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"Focusing on trying to make sure that my race strength ... over the years I remember all the talk of 'Can Lewis make his tyres last? Is his aggressive driving style this? Is it that?' Throughout the races this year I think I've proved time and time again that I use less fuel, I'm able to utilise my tyres as good as anyone, at least.

"Position my car in the right way to be able to get past people; to be able to use my race-craft is the greatest feeling. That's what I grew up doing. When I had a fifth or sixth-hand go kart we had to start at the back, we didn't have the big, fast, suped-up engines or karts or anything and we would have to come through the field and that's what I was able to do this year.

"Of course qualifying is an area where I'm going to work hard to improve next year. That's definitely an area where I will improve on, I have no worries about that. Nico did a great job, particularly on his qualifying laps this year; he was very, very strong. So I'll look in to the detail of how I can improve next year."