Daniel Ricciardo believes his light-hearted approach to F1 is the best way of dealing with the "intense" nature of the sport.

Having joined Red Bull alongside Sebastian Vettel at the start of 2014, Ricciardo maintained his relaxed, easy-going personality alongside the four-time world champion and duly went on to win three races on his way to third place in the drivers' championship behind Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Speaking at the FIA Prize-Giving ceremony in Doha, Ricciardo said not taking the sport too seriously when he is out of the car helps him perform to his best on the track.

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"I wouldn't say it's something I've planned in terms of a strategic move, it's just who I am," Ricciardo said. "Obviously it helps in a lot of ways. I think it relieves a lot of the tension and stress that surrounds the sport a lot of the time. It's intense, so to have this light-hearted approach makes it easier to handle and manage.

"For me, I'm just having fun. When I'm in the car it's serious. I treat it with 100% seriousness. After that just have fun. There's a lot of interviews and stuff and you get asked the same questions a lot of the time. You just have to roll with it and try to enjoy it. I tend to joke around a lot and that makes it easier."