Fernando Alonso and Ron Dennis say they both feel they have "unfinished business" working together at McLaren.

Alonso's first spell with McLaren lasted for just one season as a turbulent campaign saw the double world champion accuse the team of favouring then team-mate Lewis Hamilton before threatening to reveal team secrets which led to the Spygate scandal. However, with Alonso named as Jenson Button's team-mate for 2015 Dennis says both he and Alonso have learned from seven years ago and will not make the same mistakes twice.

"There's one thing that hasn't changed and that is Fernando's absolute focus on winning," Dennis said. "Of course that sits very comfortably with our own focus; we both desperately want to win.

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"One of the things that I really respect in Fernando is that he chose to change direction in leaving one of the most successful teams in Formula One and coming back to McLaren and really addressing what we both feel is unfinished business. We both want to win - and of course all the drivers, including Jenson and Kevin [Magnussen] want to win - but this is a different type of winning.

"This is a winning that has never been so underlined. What do I mean by that? Well, we all have more to prove than ever before. To come back myself in to the company from having the challenge of Automotive, from moving to some semi non-executive positions and then to come back in to a fully active role wasn't a quick decision and it's also a decision that carries with it the responsibility of saying to yourself 'can you really do it?'

"So my challenge for myself is to not only bring the team back to success - with all my colleagues because it's never about one person - but also to get our goals for our technology companies etc. So I have a lot to prove to myself.

"I think Fernando, Jenson and Kevin have different things to prove. Fernando's coming back, he's going to prove that he is an absolute winner - that's the easy bit - and that he can reintegrate with our team and really work on fulfilling our common objectives. We're going to get lots of challenges. The media inevitably is going to be challenging to manage. We have an English driver in an English team with English mechanics and backed up by the English media. We have a Spanish driver with the Spanish media and both media groups are extremely combative, understandably. In the end we have to ensure that does not influence the team."

Alonso himself agreed with Dennis that he felt the need to return to McLaren because 2007 was a part of his career that he is not happy with.

"That's 100% right," Alonso said. "I found that I had unfinished business already when I left. I brought the number 1 to the cockpit from Renault in 2007 and now I want to bring back the number 1 to the McLaren cockpit but from the inside driving for them.

"It's something that I want so much because I achieved some good things in my career with titles and not even winning races in the past years some good reputation and respect from everybody. But there was still one thing that was not right, it was always the 2007 experience and now we will put this in place as well."